4 Channel Digital RCSystems

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We are proud to announce that we now have our own 4 Channel Digital RC System in stock!.  Above you see three photo's.  A close up of the transmitter, a view of the a full system and a comparison photo of the receiver next to a Hitec Feather, which is an excellent receiver.  While the layout is similar to the Feather, it is not a direct copy.  Rather it is, we believe, an excellent receiver in its' own right.  We are currently offering three versions for sale.   These three versions are as follows:

Electric Park Pak: Includes Tx, Rx, ESC w/BEC and auto shutoff, two servos, 9.6V NiMH battery and Field Charger: E-Park Pak

Park Pak Flier:  Includes Tx, Rx and 2 Servos: 2S-Park Pak

Park Pak System:  Includes Tx, Rx, 4 9g servos and a battery box switch set: 4S-Park Pak

Park Flier Upgrade:  Includes Tx and Rx to upgrade two and three channel Park Fliers to 4 channel operation: ParkPak-TR

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