Full 4 Channel Digital RC Park Flier System

from RCS-Sports.com


RCSystems 4 Channel E-Park Pak:  List $89.99  Now on Sale at $64.99 plus shipping and Tax

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RCS-Sports.com is happy to introduce a complete Park Pak solution!  This is a compact system that utilizes a 4 Channel 27 MHz transmitter and receiver.  The transmitter is comfortable in the hands and is set up in a Mode II configuration.  The main controls have trim for every function.  Included in this package are two RCS-Sports Servos, a RCS-Sports Electronic Speed Control (ESC), a RCS-Sports Fast Field Charger and your choice of a RCS-Sports  300 mAh 7.2v, a 650 mAh 7.2v, or a 650 mAh 9.6v Ni-MH battery.

The transmitter is of modern design.  The receiver compares very favorably to the Hitec Feather.  The Feather is an excellent receiver, but so is our little receiver.  Here is a comparison photo showing the relative sizes and construction of the two receivers along with a photo of the transmitter:


This Park Pak also includes two RCS-Sports.com 9g servos.


One of the fun aspects of importing RC products is that you get to try out a lot of stuff.  Among the things that we have tried are many-many servos.  Most of the servos we tried had some sort of problem.  Some had end point bounce.  Others were not smooth in  movement.  Others just plain glitched.  This servo has passed the test.  We have found it to be good quality at a great price, making it an exceptional value.  Specifications are as follows:


 Weight  .34oz or 9g
 Height   23.5 mm
 Length  23.5 mm
 Width  11 mm
 Speed  0.1/(sec/60)
 Torque   11/oz-in   0.8/kg-cm
 Hardware  Mounting and Arms

Electronic Speed Controls (ESC) have over the last few years shrunk is size dramatically due to advances in electronic design.  These new speed controls are one of the reasons that Park Flying has become a reality.  We at RCS-Sports.com are happy to include a ESC  that is a happy mix of size, weight, capability and price to provide you with exceptional value.  This ESC is rated for 6 to 9.6 volts.  It can easily handle 10A constant with 20A max  applications.  It has something that is left off many ESC's currently, that is a arming switch, which greatly enhances aircraft safety.  It also includes a Battery Eliminator Circuit (BEC) so you can run your receiver off of the motor battery pack.  In addition it has a auto-shutoff feature that automatically monitors your battery pack so that it will shut down the motor as your battery runs down, but will leave enough voltage in your pack to safely land your aircraft.  It does all this while only weighing 11 grams.    Specifications are as follows:

 Weight  11 grams
 Size  34 x 16 x 8 mm
 Motor Cutoff Voltage  4.2 V
 Constant Current/Max  10A/20A


Included with the RCS-Sports.com Park Pak is a high quality Ni-MH battery.  You get the choice of a 300 mAh 7.2v, 650 mAh 7.2v or a 650 mAh 9.6v battery!  These batteries are set up with the proper connector for the RCS-Sports.com ESC.  Ni-MH batteries give you the perfect mix of capacity and safety.  Double or triple the capacity of Ni-cd's but with simpler charging and handling requirements than Li-Po!

To go with the batteries, you will receiver your choice of either a RCS-Sports.com 7.2v or 9.6v Fast Field Charger!  Just plug it in your car's accessory outlet on the way to the field, and fly when you get there!  What could be simpler!  Again it comes with a connector designed for the RCS-Sports.com Ni-MH battery back. 

So there you have it!  A complete system with a RCS-Sports.com 4 Channel Digital RC Transmitter and Receiver on 27 Mhz.  Two RCS-Sports.com 9g micro servos.  A RCS-Sports.com ESC with BEC, Auto Motor Shutoff and Safety Arming Switch.  Your choice of either a 300 mAh 7.2v, 650 mAh 7.2v or a 650 mAh 9.6v RCS-Sports.com Ni-MH battery and your choice of either a 7.2v or 9.6v RCS-Sports.com Fast Field Charger!  A complete Park Pak!  You guys know what this is worth.  Here is your chance to get it at a real bargain! 

RCSystems 4 Channel E-Park Pak:  List $89.99  Now on Sale at $64.99 plus shipping and Tax


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