Feigao is a producer of RC products that makes one of the best park flier receivers in the world.  It is a very high quality single conversion receiver that utilizes the latest in SMT electronics to produce a high value product that is second to none.  We at RCS-Sports are proud to represent this product to the modeling public.  We have tested this receiver and found it to have excellent operational characteristics.  We know that you too will find this to be a great little receiver that is reliable, has high quality and at a price so good that its' value cannot be matched.  Take a look at Feigao's Specifications and you will see why this is the receiver to use!

Feigao 61104 61106 61108
 Modulation FM (PPM) FM (PPM) FM (PPM)
 Channel 4-Channel 6-Channel 8-Channel
 Sensitivity 5uvolts 5uvolts 5uvolts
 Selectivity 10KHz/50dB 10KHz/50dB 10KHz/50dB
 Operating Power 4.8 to 10V 4.8 to 10V 4.8 to 10V
 Current Drain 5mA 5mA 5mA
 Size (mm) 33x22x10 33x22x10 33x22x10
 Shift Selectable Selectable Selectable
 Weight (g) 10.5 11 11.5
 Range  Grnd/Air 200m/500m 200m/500m 200m/500m
 Recvr Crystal Single Conversion Single Conversion Single Conversion

The Feigao compares very favorably to the Hitec Feather.  The Hitec Feather is an excellent receiver, but so is the Feigao.  As a comparison, here are some photos showing relative sizes and construction.


As you can see, the Feigao and the Hitec Feather are very similar in size.  Construction on both is the latest SMT (surface mount technology) and follows industry norms in design, manufacture and construction.  One big difference though is that the Feigao has a molded case with a foam rubber shock protector in the bottom of the case.    The Hitec, and most other Park Flier receivers, only has a flimsy heat shrink case.  The Feigao is also shift selectable, so you can use this receiver with just about any transmitter you can find.  The Hitec, and most other receivers are not shift selectable, so you have to be sure you get one that is compatible with your transmitter. 

The following picture clearly shows the shift select switch under the crystal insertion port.  The switch is in the Futaba position in this photo.  By pushing the switch to the left as shown in the photo, the receiver becomes compatible with JR transmitters.  In addition the Feigao uses easy to find full size single conversion FM crystals that are available from us or from many other vendors. 

The Feigao is available in three configurations.  These are 4 Channel, 6 Channel and 8 Channel.  If you are building one of those fabulous new Multi-Channel park fliers that are becoming so popular, we can provide you with the receiver that will give you all the channels you need.  Bomb Drop?  No problem!  We've got you covered. 


The following chart shows how to hook up your servos for different types of transmitters.

Feigao Rx Futaba Tx JR TX Sanwa Tx Hitec Tx
61108-8/B Aux 3 Aux 3 Aux 3 Aux 3
7 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2 Aux 2
61106-6 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1 Aux 1
5 Landing Gear Landing Gear Landing Gear Landing Gear
61104 -4 Rudder Rudder Rudder Rudder
3 Throttle Throttle Elevator Throttle
2 Elevator Aileron Aileron Elevator
1 Aileron Elevator Throttle Aileron

The 8 channel uses a y adapter in channel 8 to provide power to the receiver and to run the channel 8 servo.

Feigao 4 Channel FM Receiver:  List $34.99  Now on Sale at $19.99 plus shipping and Tax


Feigao 6 Channel FM Receiver:  List $34.99  Now on Sale at $24.99 plus shipping and Tax


Feigao 8 Channel FM Receiver; List $44.99  Now on Sale at $29.99 plus shipping and Tax

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