4 Channel 72MHz Ultra Narrow Band FM (PPM) System

AviatorRC is a new RC Brand that is packed with features that you only expect to find in more expensive brands.  It has features that make it the first choice for entry level RC.  Starting with a rubberized case for a sure grasp, trainer and simulator port, two color LED power readout, easy front side servo throw reversing.  It has the features and the power to make it the one you will want! 

Couple this to an advanced design, micro receiver that is small enough to be used in park fliers, yet sensitive enough to control nitro, and you have a transmitter and receiver combo that is establishing new records for quality and value.  Yes that is a NICKEL sitting next to the receiver.  The small size of the receiver is accomplished through the application of modern SMT electronics, modern crystal filter frequency control and clever engineering!  You can find more expensive entry level systems, but you will not find better engineering, and you will not find a better value.  Tested by us to our standards, which are the same as yours:  It works!  Not much more needs to be said.

Aviator4 Specifications:

 Modulation     PPM (FM)
 Shift     Negative
 Control Channels     Four channels
 Power Indicator     Two color LED (Green - Red)
 Power Source     Dry Cell or Optional NiCad
 Trainer Port     Yes
 Simulator Port     Yes
 Tx Case Material     Sure-Grip Rubberized
 Charging Port     Yes
 Servo Reversing     Yes - Front Access
 Tx Size    
 Rx Size     36 x 21 x 9mm
 Rx Weight     9g
 Rx Sensitivity  
 Rx Selectivity  
 Rx operating voltage  
 Rx current drain  
 Range Grnd/Air  

It is easy to see from these specs that this is the combo for an entry level flier.  Perfect for upgrading from a small RTF to more challenging products.  It has the power, the range, and the price to be an unbeatable value.

Coming Soon

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